Like the word party is inevitable to New Years Eve so are the countless resolutions made before the clock strikes twelve. Some last for an hour, some maybe a week. Without wasting too many lines, let’s take a peek into some of the resolves, whose lifespan are not much longer than that of dragonflies.



Save money...................... so spend less.


 Save money

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And try to convince your friends ...and yourself that it is not that hard.( but it is)



Wake up early.


 wake up early

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Only to fall over the couch.



Go to work willingly.


 go to work willingly

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But maybe not work willingly.



Start going to the Gym.


 start going to the gym

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Only to drool at the muscled dudes.


Stop biting my nails every time I get nervous.


 stop biting your nails

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by trying not to get nervous, c'mon like that is possible.


Give up on Fast food and adopt a healthier lifestyle.


 give up on fast food

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So from KFC you shift to HFC (Homemade Fried Chicken).



Stop picking my Nose.


 stop picking your nose

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See me try, its hard, maybe I will excuse myself to the rest room.



Stop watching Big Boss and start watching Arnab Goswami, because the excitement is all there.


 watch arnab not big boss

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Only to go back to Big Boss, because Arnab is permanent, but BB is seasonal.



To not write a blog like this.


 to not write a blog like this

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Because don't need to, atleast for a year, right.



So which of these is your #FailNewYearResolutions?