You must have heard this phrase “A power bank is your Phone’s best friend” an umpteen number of times. And the ones who own a Power Bank clearly know what we are trying to say here, but for the ones who don’t , please allow us to take you through this trip down the Power Bank lane, which will  unfold the answers to this question as to Why Is A Power Bank Your Phone’s Best Friend?


Power Bank Provides faster power solutions to your Smart Phones

A Power Bank stores power in the form of DC current and in turn charges your Smart Phone Batteries faster than other power sources like chargers, Laptops and many others which transfer from AC to DC, and hence takes longer times to charge your Smart Devices.


In the time of need a Smart Phone can always rely on a Power Bank

When out of power, Smart Phone knows that it can always depend on Power Bank, because it does not need a power source when it is fully charged and unconditionally charges Smart Phones.


DC is Faster Than AC


A Power Bank always knows when Smart Phones need Space

When a Power Bank realises that a Smart Phone is fully charged , it refrains from overcharging the device by cutting of the DC output and respects the much neede space by the Smart device.


A SmartPhone can enjoy being itself in the company of a Power Bank

Whenever there is a Power Bank around, a Smart Phone enjoys being itself. It does not need to hide any of its attributes which defines it because a Smart Phone knows that when it runs out of Power, Power Bank will always be there with its uninterrupted power supply. As Deb Caletti said
“That's what people do who love you. They put their arms around you and love you when you're not so lovable.”


Power Bank is a Phones Best friend


A Power Bank enhances the image of a Smart Phone

By this statement we mean that an ultra stylish Smart Phone can only be matched with an equally chic looking Power Bank, it not only adds value by looks but also by quality.


A Power Bank has an amazing compatability quotient

Like any true friend a Power Bank does not discriminate between brands and is an equally good friend to a Samsung Smart Phone as it is to a Nexus 5 and of course many others.


Power bank is phones best friend


It Gels well with other Smart devices a well

Power Bank is a dynamic friend who has the attributes to gel well with your other Smart gadget friends as well for e.g. Tablets, MP3 players and even PSPs.


Life is too short to make enemies so make friends instead , because walking down the sordid paths is always easier with a friend who always keeps you in high spirits just as a Power Bank does to a Smart Phone. Quoting Eleanor Roosevelt “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart”.


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