Our answer to that question would be why not, why not have a digital library where you can store umpteen number of books in your collection on a single platform. The Amazon Kindle with its e reader sensibility is definitely the go to gear for book worms that are gradually gravitating from paper books to e books. So let us find out how the new Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 is better than a paper book.


Amazon Fire HDX Lets You Travel Light.

How your travel bags used to be heavier at least by  a kilo with books and magazines, with the Amazon Fire your luggage will be heavier only by 375 gms to be exact and you not only get to read books on it but also surf the net whenever you have access to the web.


It Is Cheaper In The Long Run.

When you browse through the options in any gadget store a 17000 for a tablet might sound steep when compared to a book , but is it really so, because with this you can enjoy the unlimited subscription of the books if you are a Kindle member. It allows you to choose from a selection of almost 700,000 thousand eBooks’ and all the latest magazines. When you are not reading you can also enjoy the other features of the tablet. Also to add to the list e books are much cheaper than their paper book versions.


You Can Instantly Search For A Meaning Of A Word

The inline dictionary gives you the meaning of any word your cursor is on at the bottom of the screen, so you need not refer to those cumbersome dictionaries every time you need to refer to the meaning of a word.


It Is Soft On The Eyes

The dynamic lighting adjusts the tablet screen against the ambient lighting to resemble a piece of paper in the book. Also with the tablet there are 6 font sizes available and you can choose whichever size you are comfortable reading with.


Amazon Fire HDX 8.9


It Lets You Enjoy Your Very Own Library

With a memory space of 16 to 32 GB, you can relish your very own online library where you can store magazines, books, and journals and find them instantly by simply typing in the keywords. Also with firefly, the new item recognition software, you can easily search for books on your library that you wish to read.


It Gives You Variety Of Choice

With Amazon HDX8.9 you can have different kinds of books on a single platform; you can flip through different magazines whenever you wish to read something different. And not to mention it is a great gear for students, where they can store umpteen numbers of reference books and carry it with them wherever they are without being pulled down by the weight of the books.


You Can Enjoy An Enhanced Experience Audio Books

With it new Dolby Atmos audio enhancing technology you get to enjoy the audio books with a new excitement. So when you are too tired to read all you need to do is switch it to the audio mode and listen to the contents being read out to you.


Therefore in a nutshell Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 is the new generation of Amazon kindle where it does not take away your kindle experience but adds a new edge with its enhanced technology. So what will it be for you, paper books, or Amazon Fire HDX 8.9?