Mobile Phones have become such an integral part of our day to day life, so much so if economists would rewrite the basic necessities of human life, mobile phones would definitely be there after food, clothes and shelter. Man, who is a social animal, now has a device that makes the entire process not only convenient but addictive as well.


There are so many things that friends, relatives and parents think when your phone is switched off, let us cover some of those thoughts, the rest you can always add.


What your girlfriend thinks when your phone is switched off

When you are actually fixing your bike tyres your girlfriend thinks you are out enjoying a boy’s day out.


What my friends think when my phone is switched off

The office dude whose phone is switched off maybe actually stuck fixing his car tyre but his friends think he is keeping himself busy by entertaining his ladies.


What my mother thinks when my phone is switched off

Mother is distressed, she thinks you are in trouble because your phone is switched off, while you are just trying to figure out how to fix the godforsaken bike.


What my boyfriend thinks when my phone is switched off


Got late from work and waiting for the bus; but your OCD boyfriend thinks you are having a time of your life with someone else.Did you wish for that as well?


What my friends think when my phine is switched off

Struggling to fix the car tyres, didn’t get time to charge your phone at work, you just gave your friends a reason to think that you are busy with your lady friends. How you wish it was true though.


What my boss thinks when my phone is switched off


You probably thought you will finally get to break the ice with your boss with that amazing presentation you made, but on your way your car broke down and your phone is not charged. The boss tries your number finds it switched off and he thinks you are still asleep. How would that feel?


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