With Christmas round the corner, everyone is ready with their wish list. While some prefer to say it out loud, some just tuck it into their stockings and hang them by the fire place mantel. Time for celebrations and jubilations, Christmas is probably that one time when some wild wishes are written down, just for the fun of it, if you cannot come up with any, you can always get inspired by few of these wishes listed below.


To come up with a believable excuse to skip work.



to come with an excuse to skip work


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Type in a search term before Google predicts it for you.



google predicts



Arnab Goswami gets zipped.



Arnab goswami gets zipped



Have a Smart Phone that never runs out of battery.



Have a smart pone that never runs out of battery


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Well clearly he has never heard of a Power Bank.



Delete khooni mondays from the calender.



Khooni Monday


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Be Married to ................ rather not say.And the secret continues.


its a secret


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A date with Jennifer Lawrence.

Jenniffer lawrence


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Download real food from the net.



LOve to eat

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To grow tall.



Wish to grow taller

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To drive an Aston Martin.



 Wish to own aston martin

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Win the lottery.



Win a Lottery

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Get stuck in the lift with Chris Hemsworth.



Be stuck in the lift with chris hemsworth

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So which wish inspired you the most?

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