Sunny Deol a seasoned bollywood actor, is synonymous with Indian Patriotism, has contributed considerably towards the viewer’s patriotic experience.

Without further delay let us look into these top 10 patriotic movies that have stirred the souls of many who have seen viewed them.


Indian: “Mere Liye Maa Aur Mulk Ek Hain.”



Sunny Deol as DCP Raj Shekhar Azaad portrays an honest police commissioner, who with his unflinching patriotism and courage defeats an equally staunch terrorist Waseem Khan (Mukesh Rishi).



Gadar: “Humara Hindustan Zindabad Tha, Zindabad Hain Aur Zindabad Rahega! Hindustan Zindabad.”



Sunny gives a power packed performance as a loving husband Tara Singh, who leaves no stone unturned to bring back his wife Sakeena (Amisha Patel)when her estranged family puts her on house arrest , when she goes to visit them, because of the Partition, which has created a divide between the families.



The Hero Love Story Of A Spy: “Jab Tak Hum Hain, Tum Hon, Jis Din Humara Sir Ghoom Gaya Na, To Yahan Par Kabaristann Hi Kabaristann Honge , Understood.”



He once again delivers a seasoned performance as a valiant Indian Spy Arun Khanna who will go to any length to retrieve information about a  nuclear weapon from the enemy’s lair with the aid  of his lady love Reshma ( Priety Zinta)



Border: “Zindagi Aur Maut Waheguru Ke Haath Mein Hai ... Aur Mera Waheguru Dushman Ke Saath Nahin ... Mere Saath Hai.”



Sunny Deol yet again touched many hearts with his soul stirring performance as Major Kuldip Singh Chandpuri, who inspired his entire battalion with his valour and commitment towards his duty, his country.



Heroes:  Here Are Some Tips On How To Fight In A Wheelchair.



In this heart warming portrayal of a wheelchair bound former air force pilot Vikram Shergill whose mixed emotions of grief and pride with the loss of his younger brother who was an army officer and was killed in action really reminds everyone what an amazing actor he is.



Ma Tujhe Salaam: “Lekin Humara Har Fauji Apne Hatheli Par Tumhari Maut Lekar Ghoomta Hain.”



This movie is a treat to watch for all the Sunny Deol fans out there who absolutely love the way he adds a punch to the patriotic sentiment through his character Major Pratap Singh.




He plays the character of DCP Karan Singh who resorts to unconventional methods to track criminals and his staunch enemy , terrorist Gawa Firozi ( Jackie Shroff)