Power Bank; an extra battery to your Smart Phones, is a life saver for many.The most important accessory to Smart Phones these days, Power Bank is what every Smart Phone user goes for because they not only charge your phones but also charge your PSP, mp3 players and Tabs. To make drained batteries the least of your worries, let us look into the Top 5 Power Banks from the Ravin Group.


Power Bank PB-052.

 Power Bank PB 052

This portable beauty comes in Black colour, it denotes style and elegance and with its two USB port and impressive standby time of 72 hours, it can charge your Smart phone upto 2 times. With an electric circuit protection feature, it prevents your phone and other digital gadgetsfrom overcharging. So what are you waiting for? Grab the black beauty before anyone else does.



Power Bank EP-10001.

Power Bank EP 10001

This trendsetting Power Bank, in its red and black colour is quite dynamic with its intelligent display feature which precisely shows remaining power and current output mode apart from its stunning standby time of 72hours and dual USB port. With a built in torch, high control and low static power , it can run upto 500 cycles and this stunning piece is definitely here to stay.



Power Bank EP-06001.

Power Bank EP 06001

The white swan of the group. This stylish Power Bank is bound to win the hearts of many not just with its graceful design but with its 2 USB port which enables dual charging,a splendid standby time of 72 hours and 4 LEDS that indicate the level of charge.



Power Bank EP-02002.

Power Bank EP 02002

This magnificently designed Power Bank, with its revolutionary sleek and slim design and laser engravings seamlessly combine style and utility with a power capacity of 2200MAh, a stunning standby time of 72 hours, 3 LED lights which indicate the charging levels along with an automatic On/Off feature. Definitely a good deal for Rs 2200 only.



Power Bank EP- 02602.

Power Bank EP 02602

Last but not the least, this Power Bank with its bold and metallic hues do not just look attarctive but also lives up to the expectations of the user with its built in LED torch, a 2600 MAH power capacity which can charge your phone upto two times.


What makes these Powerbanks all the more attractive is that they all come with a warranty of 1 year and are equally efficient  when charging tablets and mp3 players with an impressive standby time of 72 hours.