How do you usually spend your Valentine’s Day, with expensive dinner, a vacation, or movies? Well if you dig the third choice then we have some really spicy and adorable love stories which will have your heart cooing with some and not so cooing with the others. So here are our suggestions, all you need to do is order the movies, pop some popcorn and tuck into your comfortable space and enjoy the romance oozing out of your television screen, and don’t forget to invite over your special someone, because without your precious one these movies won’t make much sense.


Lunch Box

The romance of pen pals with a twist, open the box to reveal the enigmatic romance between Ila and her saajan, Saajan Fernandes



Cheeni kum

An arrogant 64 year old chef whose sugarless life is infused with sweetness by a witty belle from Delhi.



Pyar Ka Punchnama

Story of three romantics who learn their first not so nice lesson of love in a rather emotionally brutal manner.



Wake up Sid

A rich and spoilt Siddharth wakes up from his dreams, to discover his love for photography and for Aisha.



Dev D

A timeless classic love story with a modern twist.



Dil Dosti etc

A journey of young love and new ambitions, because when you are young, the possibilities are endless.



Pyaar Ke Side Effects

Sid when he proposes to Trisha is always like this “Trisha I want to marry you?” Watch more to not miss out the always confused Sid and an equally sure Trisha.



Finding Fanny

A journey of true love which takes five people into a whirlwind ride only to discover true love was right there, staring back at them all this time.



Dil Kabaddi

A comical take on the ever evolving love life amongst married couples.




Jhankaar Beats

Bring the beats in your life with a little bit of music and lots of love



Shor in the city

A story about love, few friends, a wife, an NRI businessman and few goons, it is noise all right but sounds like music once you get used to it.




Ugli Aur Pagli

This is the Indian sassy girl who swept her love off his feet with charm and lots of alcohol.



Rule –Pyaar ke side effects

A sweet innocent crush is sweeter when it turns into love.



Tanu Weds Manu

What happens when a vivacious chick falls in love with Seedha Saadha Indian boy, who says India is patriarchal society?



Ek Deewana Tha

A next door neighbour is madly in love with his next door neighbour, find out what happens next.



Shaadi Ka Ladoo

A must watch for the Valentine’s Day if you are unsure of whether to propose or not to propose.



Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local

Sometimes missing the last local can also bring you true love, but the journey may not be a bed of roses, if you are prepared to try then take a peek.