For a sister, a brother is significant in many ways. They are the ones who might crack numerous pranks on you but also save you when required from the Wrath of the Titans (Parents). Brothers are the ones who leave no stone unturned to get you that gift you hate, who get their chores done by you as a bribe to be your date on prom nights; but are also the ones who teach a lesson to that not so cute boy who broke your heart.



Never Run out of Cash

Never run out of cash


An elder brother is your personal ATM (Any time money). The only reason you pray that he gets the job.


Your Personal Body guard

 personal bodyguard


Brothers are your personal bouncers; they are the ones to protect you from that obsessive stalker and the jerk who gives you a hard time in school. They are the umbrellas when it rains too hard.


Someone to look up to

 someone to look upto


Big brothers are the role models in your life. They are the ones whose footsteps you would love to follow eventually. Brothers are an inspiration their siblings.



Get to wear all his cool rock t-shirts

 get to wear his cool t shirts


You know which room to sneak in when you are tired of wearing your same old clothes. Just slip into his new rocking t-shirt and rush out before he sees it.


Someone to fight with

 Someone to fight with


What is the fun in having a brother if you don’t fight with him once in a while? After all you are both nuts from the same tree.


He is like a best friend yet family

 He is like a best friend yet family


The accidental best friend who can teach you all the curse words and never turns his back on you even when you do.


They are always there when you need them

 They are always there when you need them


Brothers are there most of the times to cover up for your mistakes from the Wrath of the Parents.


Share your secrets

 share your secrets


There is no one better with whom you can share a secret than a brother


Someone whom you can emotionally blackmail

 someone you can emotionally blackmail


The last resort to get that pretty dress, you often drool over whenever you pass the shop window is by emotionally blackmailing your big brother.


Grew up loving all his groovy toys

 grew up loving his toys


Brothers are the reason you grew up loving video games and soccer matches.



No one will ever understand your craziness better than your brother.This Raksha Bandhan do not forget to tie the thread of protection but ensure he comes with your gift. 

Gift your sister uninterrupted power supply and get peace of mind in return. With Ravin you can bid farewell to all the worries caused due to a dead battery.


A cute gift for your cute little sister.