Road trips with family and friends are packed with fun and memories. We all need to destress once in a while from our mundane life. Road trips are like a breath of fresh air; one never gets tired. So what are we waiting for let us take a trip to create a memory lane with our loved ones. However at the same time let us also look into these 10 essential things that come useful when one is having a time of their life on a road trip.


Map Map Map



This is one the most essential items that one must have before commencing a road trip. Map out your route, one might be in the habit of relying on Google maps, but when there is no signal nothing helps one better than a traditional paper map.


Tablet, iPod, PSP



If one is travelling with kids, these 3 things are quite a blessing to have around since kids can get impatient on a long drive . They definitely aid in pacifying kids when they get cranky on the road. Also if you are not with kids, these gadgets are good to kill boredom.


Food & Water

 Food & Water


One must carry enough water and pack plenty of healthy snacks before embarking on a road trip. Something that can be munched on to relieve one from their hunger pangs.


Medicines and First Aid Kit

Medicines & First Aid Kit


Keep a stock of basic medicines such as antacid, painkillers and medicines for motion sickness, and also include a first aid kit with basic bandage and ointments for any unexpected cuts and bruises.





These are as important as your clothes, one must carry basic toiletries like hand sanitizer, toilet paper and wipes just in case nature comes calling and the rest rooms don’t have the essentials.


Power bank

Power Bank - PB 052


These days almost everybody is dependent on their smart phones, thus to make sure that it always charged one must always keep a Power bank so that one can keep their phones, tablet and PSP charged at all times.



Music to suit your happy mood


Well a good playlist can make the trip that much interesting, so dig out your amazing collections that you haven’t had a chance to listen to and relax and unwind your senses with your favourite playlist.


Auto Essentials

Also be sure of your spare parts


This is an absolute must have, make sure that your car is in good condition, check your spare tyre and keep the tools in an easy to reach place and if you haven’t changed the tyres in a while we advise you do it a couple of times before you start your road trip. Also do carry a spare set of car keys for worst case scenario.



A good camera


Well you might not be into photography but nothing keeps a memory alive better than pictures. So pack the camera and click away and freeze those sceneries into your lens.


Pillows and Blankets

Pillows and Blankets


You might have made hotel reservations, but carrying an extra set of pillows and blankets can come in handy in unfamiliar hotel beds.