There have been innumerable praises on how power banks give you uninterrupted power, how a power bank is that one stop solution for all your power hungry Smart Phones that inevitably run out of battery sooner than later. But this EP-3501 apart from all the above qualities is uber, snazzy and definitely the most good looking Power Bank so far.

With its great looks and dynamic functionality, it has very rightfully earned the pet name of R2D2.


So what is, or rather who is R2D2?

Yes, you have guessed it right, it is the famous astromech droid from the Star Wars films. The major character and the most loved by all.

With the release of the first of our rave products R2D2 or the EP3501 we hope to make your power bank experience from great to stupendous. Let’s not waste much time, but start exploring the components that make it the most snazziest gear ever.


Appearance: This power bank scores a full 10 in looks, its metallic  colour and disc shape gives it that attractive ultra sleek  and modish manner. It can complement any Smart Phone with its appearance. It will not only enhance the look, but also the power of your Smart Phones.


Power Capacity: For those who might consider this to be just a pretty looking device, will be proven wrong nonetheless because with a power capacity of 3500 MAH it can charge your Smart Phones for upto 2 times.


EP-3501 R2D2


Special Qualities: It comes with an automatic on and off feature, which disconnects the power once the EP-3501 is completely charged, thus saving energy units. To add to the list it also has electric circuit protection which prevents your Smart Phones from overcharging and also wards off short circuit.


Accessories: It comes loaded with micro USB cable, 30 pin and lightning connectors, which enables you to charge any major Smart Phones including all models of iPhones.


Power Indicator: The Blue LED power indicator not only adds to the looks, but also intimates you on the level of power remaining in the R2D2 so that you can charge it accordingly.


Compatibility: R2D2 has no favourites, it is equally compatible with a tablet and a Mp3 player.


If looks could kill then R2D2 would have probably wounded many. This drop dead gorgeous gear lives upto its looks and name with an impressive standby time of 72 hours along with its ability to run for more than 500 cycles. So grab the beauty before it vanishes off our shelves.