What if we told you that now you can charge your IPod 5th generation, even when on the go with a power bank. Yes Ravin Solar Charger is in every way compatible with your ultra talented IPod. But when you choose a power bank to charge your versatile device, you must choose wisely. So without wasting any more time let us introduce you to SC 06001, a state of the art creation that with its sleek exterior and efficient output complements your IPod in every way possible.


Apart from a one year warranty, it also comes with a 6000mAh power capacity which is more than enough to charge your IPod at least 4 to 5 times. But what should always be an important aspect is the quality factor. Designed with lithium ion polymer battery and monocrystalline panels, this solar charger can charge efficiently by absorbing the infinite energy of Sun or even when you plug it in to a plug point. The best part about the solar charger is that it is an ideal companion when you go for an outdoor trip; it keeps you connected with music, with photography and all those funky things for which you love your IPod anywhere under the sun.


sc 25


And it comes laden with a suite of attachments from micro usb, to lighting connector, as well as an usb adapter which can clearly charge many gadgets from Smart Phone to Ipads. The Ravin solar charger also takes into consideration your safety and is equipped with an electronic circuit protection, which prevents the solar charger from over charge, over discharge and short circuit.

Along with the above mentioned features, the exterior of the solar charger is designed with 4 LED lights, which indicates the charge level and thus keeps you intimated thus making it all the easier for you to track its charge levels. So power your IPod or any other compatible electronic gadget with Ravin’s SC-06001 solar charger and be a part of the go green initiative.

Also when buying portable solar chargers or chargers in general do not settle in for a cheap brand, which does not come with the necessary attachments and required safety features, because it might just cause irreparable damage to your expensive gears. Instead invest in a good brand of power banks or solar chargers and enjoy the power of uninterrupted power supply.