We are proud to announce another addition to our suite of ultra efficient power banks, the EP- 8001. This Uber looking device comes neatly designed and is of course portable like all our other power banks. EP- 8001 in its black and yellow hue reminds you how a busy bee like yourself always needs to rely on a power bank to keep your Smart Phones charged at all times even while travelling. Let us not waste any more time with pleasantries about our new gadget and quickly read out the attributes that makes it the power bank of the month.


Always better to settle with a gear that exudes personality

This bee coloured power bank in its black and yellow tint, really exudes a matter of fact personality, black for elegance and yellow for vibrancy that will give you uninterrupted power supply like any other Ravin power bank but with a touch of fun and business with its neat and convenient design.


Take the gear that protects your phone in the long run

This creation comes loaded with quality assurance that gets transferred to Smart Phones with its electric circuit protection that prevents over discharge of battery energy and also helps in increasing the shelf life of your phone battery by charging it with DC current contrary to the traditional phone charges that convert AC current to DC thereby not providing a steady flow of charge to your Smart Phones.




Want not waste not

This tempting design does not come stacked with unnecessary attachments and is just perfectly accessorized with a built in 30pin connector (Lightning connector) for all the latest apple phones and a micro USB point to enable charging for all the other major brands of Smart Phones, Tablets, Mp3 players and even PSPs.


For a Long journey the EP- 8001 is definitely the chosen one

With its power capacity of 8000 MaH this ultra efficient power bank can charge your Smart Phones up to 5 to 6 times, so when travelling to unknown destinations and your phone battery is in its last leg, you don’t have much to worry about if you have EP- 8001. The bonus feature of this device is that it can run up to more than 500 cycles and comes with a neat one year warranty.


This all for one and one for all gear is  a true beauty and you should not waste time in owning one and do come back next month to know more about our next power bank of the month.