If you desire an ultra snazzy power bank, which just about charges your Smart phone approximately 1.5 times then do not look beyond Power Bank EP: 2801. This portable and modish looking Power Bank really adds a zing to your image with it vibrant hue, available in green and yellow it has the power to liven up your mood even on a rainy day.


This trendy gear comes with a one year warranty and a single USB port with micro usb, mini usb, narrow pin, and 30 pin connector which makes it compatible with all standard Smart Phones, Tablets, Mp3 players, and PSPs. A neat power capacity of 2800 mAh and a standby time of 72hours ensure that you are never out of power, when on the go.


Loaded with great looks and superb efficiency, Power bank EP: 2801 takes approximately 6 hours to charge and is also designed with an electric circuit protection that safeguards it from short circuit, over charge and most important over discharge of current, which gives it the impressive standby time of 72 hours.


Power Bank EP: 2801 with its elegant pattern and 4 LED charge indicators, intimates you on the remaining charge levels and with a whopping price of `1400 this trendy and user friendly gear is definitely worth the buy.