Power Banks, often refered to as the extended battery for Smart Phones and other electronic gadgets have become the most sought after accessory by all Smart Phone users out there, mainly because,  all Smart Phones because of its uber features which add a zing to the it, have an universal issue of battery drainage. Power Banks are therefore the most useful and stylish adjunct for any Smart Phone.


Let us discuss the most notable features of EP 10001 , the enviable and alluring Power Bank by Ravin group which makes it a must buy:

Power Bank EP-10001


Compatability:It is compatible with all Smart Phones, tablets and MP3 players.

Warranty: It comes with a one year warranty.

Display Technology:The intelligent display technology accurately displays the remaining power capacity and also shows whether the battery is charged completly or not.

Power Capacity:With a power capacity of 10000 MAH, it can charge your Smart Phone upto 6 to 7 times.

Electric Circuit Protection: It comes designed with electric circuit protection which protects your Smart Phones from over charging and excess current, thus preventing excessive heat generation, which can cause short circuit or damage the gadget or phone in the long run.

Functional Utility: The dual USB port enables you to charge two gadets at one time.

Saves Power: Ep 10001 exudes high power but at the same time they have been designed to use low static power or less electric power.Hence it saves electricity but doesnot compromise on its power output.

Added Feature: One of the added external features is , that it comes with a  built in torch.

Accessories: It comes with a lightning connector to support all the apple gadgets as well as a 30 pin USB connector and a micro USB connector.

This sleek and contemporary Power Bank with its dynamic attributes at a price of Rs 2999 only is a winner and should not be missed out on.