Roses, cakes, dinner will always are there to make your Valentine feel special. But what if you could gift her something that will keep you two connected at all times.........Surprised, well if you’re trying to guess, no it is not a permanent love potion but rather a very simple yet powerful gadget, which is the perfect companion for a Smartphone, just like you and her. So let us look at some of your options.




Hamper EP3501


Designed with love, this hamper is brimming with one of the slimmest power banks of the season, the new R2D2. This disc shaped beauty is a perfect union of style and functionality and can charge up your Smartphones at least 2 times with its power capacity of 3500mAh. With the power bank as the show stopper, the hamper is also carefully designed with delicious chocolates and stunning accessories. With express delivery guaranteed, we also provide personalisation on the product.




Goldplus EP 6001


For those who like to talk for hours over the phone, what better gift than a power bank, of course apart from a post paid plan. A portable charger like EP-6001, gives your Smartphones uninterrupted power supply for almost 5 to 6 times with its power capacity of 600mAh. Loaded with chocolates and a cute gift basket is an added perk to this gift package.


Goldplus SC25

A sleek yet powerful solar charger cannot get your message of love across any more strongly. The infinite energy of sun, which is required to power this portable solar charger, expresses your never ending love for your special one. This gift package is elegantly designed with a cute basket decorated with chocolates and solar charger that comes packed with a power capacity of 2500mAh for your sweet someone.


Gold sc18

Stunningly wrapped in a stylish gift basket is the solar charger, SC18, which with its 1850mAh, can charge a Smartphone up to 1.5 times, and a delicately wrapped bag of chocolates.



Silver EP 2001 


The value of this hamper is enhanced with an adorable soft toy, which will have your special someone’s heart cooing like a dove, and the cherry to this cooing is the power bank EP2001, a sleek yet robust gadget that has the capacity to charge your Smartphones up to 2 times with a battery capacity of 2000mAh.



 Hamper SC6001

This handsome gift package is designed with a charming cane basket, which holds an ultra powerful solar charger SC6001 that can charge your Smartphones up to 6 times with sun’s infinite energy and a battery capacity of 6000mAh. Loaded with cute bags of chocolate, this hamper will not cease to surprise your Valentine.




Mb 6001


Is your Valentine a music freak, then this is the best gift package you can gift this year. This hamper is musically inclined with power bank MB6001, which not only charges your phones up to 4 times but also has a micro SD slot for an SD card to enjoy a limitless collection of songs along with a box of chocolates.




 Gold Plus Ep: 2602


This endearing little gift package is filled with EP 2602; a nifty gear that quite effectively charges your phones up to 2 times with its battery capacity of 2600mAh, a cable connector and a box of delectable chocolates.




 Silver EP 2602


Incase you do not need the connector but would still like to go with the bold and metallic colours of power bank EP 2602, complemented with chocolate and a cuddlesome soft toy, then you need not look beyond this gift package.



Silver EP2002

Gift the power of uninterrupted power supply with this adorable gift package that comes loaded with EP 2002, a delectable bag of chocolates and a huggable soft toy.

So pick one and and connect to your Valentine.