With several industries concentrating on sustainable energy, INTELECT with its slogan of Smart electricity for the emerging markets has definitely captured the attention of many such companies that have innovation and evolution engraved in its vision. Our contribution in the power and energy sector and constant adherence to sustainable power solutions has definitely attracted us to be part of this change.


On this platform were many such companies who believe in a smart eco system, and have contributed extensively or believe in building a sustainable society. With conferences focusing on Smart cities, renewable energy, rural electrification, and human welfare, we got the opportunity to be part of an event and exchange ideas and share our vision with all the players of the ecosystem for a better tomorrow.


Stretched across two days we experienced a comprehensive knowledge sharing amongst many such companies who will be a constructive part of this conference and exposition. Ravin with its stall displayed the innovative technologies and welcomed everyone to be a part of the change. Though the objective was to bring together innovative minds to share their ideas to bring about a sustainable change in the power and energy sector, it also encouraged millions of consumers to experience this transformation and realising the significance of adopting these innovative technologies through our displayed products. With concepts ranging from smart cities to renewable energy source, there were several tech evangelists, who spoke about various factors contributing to being smart, significance of human welfare and several other such themes that revolve around the concept of Smart Electricity for emerging markets.


Take a peek into intelligence in electricity of things with Ravin at INTELECT 2015 in Mumbai at Bombay exhibition centre 


Ravin at intelect 2015


We spoke about intelligent electricity. With its grand opening on 22nd Jan 2015, Ravin showcased its unique products ranging from smart solar pumping solutions to fully automated intelligent tracker systems to intelligent cabling solutions to wide range of retail products that allows you to carry the power of the sun in your pocket. So here is a peek into our experiences of the 3 day long expo.


Day 1


Day 1 Ravin Intellect


Ravin intellect day 1


Ravin Intelect


Ravin Intelect Day 2


Ravin Intelect


Ravin Intelect day 3


Ravin Intelect day 3