Power Banks are the backup chargers for Smart Phones, they are a blessing for heavy Smart Phone users. Now why  have power banks become such a craze amongst the Smart Phone users? because the perpetual issue of Smart Phones with battery drainage was not getting solved with their individual chargers. Let us see why?


Overnight Charging

One can charge the Power Banks to its full capacity before stepping out of the house for later use and carry that instead of chargers which cannot store power like a Power Bank.


Though both Power Banks and Chargers are portable, Power Banks are definitely more convenient because theyare much more sleeker, and do not have long wires to fight with unlike a charger.


Whenever your Smart Phone runs out of power all you need to do is simply plug it to the already charged Power Banks versus a charger where you will have to scurry about looking for a power source to plug in the charger in order to charge your phones.


When you are outdoors and your phone runs out of power, a charger renders itself useless, whereas a solar powered Power Bank can effectively charge your Smart Phones with its solar panels that quite efficiently converts solar power to electricity.


Solar Chargers Charging Smart Phones


Phone  chargers convert AC current to DC current but a power bank works entirely on DC current, which charges your phone faster.


You can charge your phone anytime on the go with a power bank but with a charger you cannot do that because you need a source of power.


A solar charger unlike a phone charger saves your power bills because it can be charged with Sun’s infinite energy.


When charging with a phone charger you cannot move around because it is attached to the plug point whereas with a Power Bank you do not compromise on mobility.


Power Bank supports all leading brands of Smart Phones(including Apple), tablets and Mp3 player whereas a charger is different for each brand.


Power Bank can charge all devices


A charger’s only source of power is a plugpoint whereas Power Bank can be charged through a plugpoint as well as a Laptop.


In a nutshell a Power Bank is definitely a more preffered option than a charger when it comes to charging your Smart Phones and other Smart devices because it is faster, sleeker and simple to carry around and last but not the least it adds to the Oomph! Factor of your Image, because nothing can complement your chic Smart Phone more than a stylish Power Bank.


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