With the profit of the Android phones plummeting to an all time low last year, we would like to bring out the features of the both utilitarian Android Smart Phones and the premium IPhones to help you decide which one is better.


Well it is needless to mention that Android Smartphone is another name for variety. While you have umpteen number of choices in the android section you only have IPhone 6 and 6 plus along with some of its previous models to choose from when it comes to IPhone. So android is the clear winner there, but when selecting a Smart phone you must analyze your needs and then take the decision. In here we just present you with the qualities these two gears possess and you are the better judge of which one ranks better as per your needs.


To start with the voice assistant features of both Siri and Androids voice assistant makes your wish its command, but the fact that the latter gets activated hands free with two magic words “Ok Google” says a lot about convenience. But apart from that Siri is far more responsive and constantly computing your search data and is hence extremely proactive. You can do almost anything with it like set reminders, schedule meeting, speak out your to do list and many more.


Ok Google


Another feature of convenience with an IPhone is that it comes with an external power off button, whereas in android phones you need to get to the screen first to access the power button.


While we are praising IPhone over Android we must also add the fact that iTunes is definitely a killer feature that needs no explanation and android’s Google play music cannot match up to it. And we also know that an IPhone’s camera is incomparable, the quality is far superior to that of any Android phones. It is the adherence to quality that has always attracted users to IPhones, its fingerprint sensor touch ID is far more efficient and secure than Android’s face recognition log in option, which is in not as responsive in dimly lit settings. IPhone automatically recognizes your work email and threads the conversation; while Android’s mail app is still not that responsive but it makes for easy swipe between two emails.


 IPhone fingerprint scanner


Android on the other hand has a better stock keyboard than IPhone, where in the punctuation marks are on the same screen as the letters and is much more responsive with its swipe gestures. And also with an Android phone you have the Google play store, need we say more. Also widgets on the home screen in an Android gear can be arranged as per requirement, it lets you keep all the useful apps on your home screen and store the remaining on app drawer.


Though an IPhone notification can be accessed directly from the alert itself, Android is still better when it comes to managing them. To remove it from the screen all you need to do is swipe, while it much more difficult to delete a notification from IPhones.


Android notification


But when it comes to navigation IPhone still cannot beat Android’s Google Map, though it is available on an IOS device but cannot be accessed with a command through Siri.


Also while the scale is working on Android phones, we would like to mention that while an IPhone memory cannot be expanded, most of the Android phones come with micro SD slot for expandable memory, which means you need out shell out extra bucks only to enjoy a larger memory space with Android phones.


Both the phones have their pros and cons, but you need to decide which suits you best. So will it be an Android Phone or an IPhone for you.