With the next season of FIFA World Cup 2014 kicking in real soon a lot of excitement can be felt amongst all the soccer fans! The youth is all set to welcome the upcoming season, but then how exactly do you spot a true football fan? Ever thought of it? Here’s how it gets super easy to identify a true football lover!


A Football

A Football

A football!! Of course this had to top the list. Be it an old rugged one which you have had since forever & will never discard, or maybe a brand new one that you just cannot wait to start using!


A Football Jersey

A Jersey of their favourite team

This is an absolute must have for all the true football fans; they will definitely have the jersey of their favourite football club or team! Most likely it will be their favourite piece of clothing in their wardrobe.


An Insane Pair of Soccer Shoes

 An insane pair of Soccer Shoes

For every football fan this is one of their most prized possessions! Either they already own an insane pair of soccer shoes or cannot stop dreaming about owning one.

Merchandise from their favourite team



FIFA Merchandise


But of course, the fans will not miss out on an opportunity of having any kind of item or merchandise that is related to their favourite team. Several such merchandises are available and a football fan always tends of have something which will not fail to project their love towards their favourite team!


Keeping in line with the football fever that has set in, Ravin brings something special for all the football fans!


Ravin Football Jersey Charger

Ravin introduces its brand new collection of football & jersey chargers especially for all the soccer lovers! Not only can you express your undying love for the game this way, but now you will also have an extremely sporty looking charger that makes sure that all your gadgets have full power twenty four hours! Welcome this season of FIFA by getting yourself these amazing Ravin merchandises!


Ravin Football Charger