Solar energy has been used by many ancient civilisations. Leonardo Da Vinci in 15th century mentioned the infinite energy of the sun through his sketches but it was French scientist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel who came up with the idea to harness solar energy to generate electricity.

Alexandre Edmond Becquerel


With the current rate of inflation, the electricity charge per unit has also become very expensive, hence the go green initiative will help you save electricity and money.

The practice of installing solar panels in areas where sunlight is abundant has become very common. Though the initial investment is high but the energy source is free and powerful, and can reach areas where power grid connections are difficult and expensive to install. Solar energy usage is a very responsible choice since it is a renewable source of energy and will never get exhausted compared to other sources like coal and oil. Installing Solar panels is an extremely sound investment because it not only reduces the cost of electricity considerably but it also helps in sustaining the environment since it is not harmful to Mother Nature.


Solar Panels 


It has been noticed that when people install solar water heater in their house the electricity bill for that month is less by almost 5 % versus an electric heater which would increase the bill. Though this is not a very encouraging figure but one gets sound returns in the long term. To increase implementation of Solar Water Heater, State Governments of many states in India have introduced fixed rebates and various incentive schemes to encourage people to install solar water heaters in their societies and homes. The MNRE(Ministry of New and Renewable Energy India) to promote solar panel installations for residential and commercial purposes provide 30% capital subsidy on capital expenditures for rooftop solar systems for both commercial and residential entities for systems up to 100 kW.


Soalr Water Heater


We can install solar water heaters, solar panelled street lights; one can buy solar powered gadgets and many more. In today’s world where our natural resources are depleting at an alarming rate it is our responsibility to save and preserve them by resorting to ecological/renewable means that will aid in sustaining the environment and also enhance the same.
There are many cities and towns in India where people have realised the effectiveness of solar energy and have taken a step to a cleaner and greener environment. Be a part of this green revolution and spread the sunshine smile across the globe.


Be a part of this green revolution.

In our effort to bring you eco-friendly gadgets Ravin has launched SL-08 - the solar powered portable torch. SL-08 is a dual purpose torch as it can also charge your smartphone up to 2 times. This Solar Powered Torch is your perfect outdoor, adventure trip, road-trip and camping partner.


Dual purpose Solar Latern SL - 08