Milind KoyandeMilind Koyande took his initial steps in the tech blogging realm with eITwebguru and since then there has been no turning back. With his maiden blog he started providing server solutions for Windows and Linux users but gradually  started writing about cloud computing, Social media, Smart Phones and many other such subjects circling the technology sphere. Check out his candid interview about how he started blogging on his favourite subjects and what is it about the tech world that intrigues him.


What intrigued you to start blogging and since when have you been at it?


Internet was always an area of interest for me and I always wanted to have a website (not blog) of my own. In 2005 when I started working with a Web hosting company I got to know more about all the internet stuff but having a website requires investment for hosting space, domain etc. and I was not ready for that. In Oct 2006 when I came know about blogspot, which lets you create your own blog/website for free, I created my first blog (Till that time I didn’t have any idea about blogs) and started posting about windows registry hacks. After sometime one of the leading technology magazine published one of my hacks alongwith my blog link and since then my blog started getting views & visits.


Tell us about your blog, what it is about and what all topics do you cover in it?


I started eITwebguru, where I used to write about solutions to overcome server problems faced by Linux and Windows users but after sometime authors started contacting me regarding Guest post and I was amazed to see the response I was getting from viewers as well as authors. So, I decided to open the blog for guest posts and it will now cover all the topics related to Techonology & Internet like Cloud Computing, Gadgets, SEO, Social Media, Smart phones etc. instead of just focusing on Linux and Windows.


What are your other interests apart from blogging?


Apart from blogging I love to click Photos (Photography). Also, I enjoy playing cricket and table tennis whenever I get the chance.


What excites you about technology?


Everything, the way it changes daily, you will always find something new in the market, whether its SmartPhone or Cloudcomputing. Technology simplifies life and makes it tension free. I can give you an example, during my college days, we use to travel by city bus where the conductor used to give tickets and sometimes he used to charge more than the fare and we always had an argument with him. After graduation, I got a chance to travel in the city bus and found that they have provided Handheld POS (Point of Sale) devices to the conductor where he just needs to enter the destination and the device shows the fare and prints the ticket. So, no more arguments J. This is what technology is doing, making everyone’s life easier. There are many areas where Technology can play a very vital role, like e-Governance, with which we can make the system transparent for the citizens.


Tell us about the latest tech topic that you are following?


I started my career in Virtualization and I am still following the topic which covers Virtualization and Cloud Computing. Apart from these I also follow topics like Gadgets, e-governance, Internet, Security etc.


Which is your most favourite gadget and why?


Tablet is one of my favourite gadget since they provide flexibility of a mobile phone and a larger screen, which provides better visibility of application. Right now I am using Asus ME175cg but I still prefer cellphones for calling.


Have you ever used a Power Bank, if yes then describe a situation where a Power Bank has helped you?


No, but I am planning to use one as they are quite handy when you are travelling.


Which are your favourite Top 5 gadgets and why?

Its a quite difficult to answer since it is a bit tricky for me but still here is the list:

  • Asus ME175cg fonepad 7: It is convenient to carry around I often use to reply to mails and draft a blog even when I am travelling.
  • Nikon D3100( with 18-55mm and Tamron 70-300mm lens): So that I can click away whenever I have the chance.
  • Asus x53S Laptop: With which I can work at home and also play games.
  • Powerbank: I am planning to buy one soon as I always carry a smartphone and a tablet with me and don’t want to see “Low Battery” messages anymore.
  • Google Glass: A revolutionary gadget that I wish to own one day.