Aryan Buddy

Aryan Buddy the founder of Technodify stepped into the world of blogging in the year 2012, though he has many interests that any guy his age would have, he also writes fervently about gadgets,Smart Phones and almost every other device that exist in the tech space.

He and his team works nonstop to provide genuine information about the millions of products newly launched or already in existence.

Essentially an online magazine offers the latest news in the tech sphere. Get to know him better through an interview conducted by our public relations team where he speaks about what was the driving force behind technodify, his interests,and also get to know more about his favourite gadgets.


What intrigued you to start blogging and since when have you been at it?


I founded TechnoDify when I was in Class 11th which was in the year ‘2012.’

The reason I started this website was to offer a platform where a user can get everything which he / she wants to read about the gadget they are using or willing to get. So, whether it is any smartphone, tablet, accessories or any other devices, we try to cover everything which we think our users care for.


Tell us about your blog, what it is about and what all topics do you cover in it?


TechnoDify is a type of online magazine which offers latest tech breakings, in-depth product reviews, product details, reports, longform articles, tips and how-to tutorials. Our team works around the clock to offer every bit of news which matters.


What are your other interests apart from blogging?


I love to travel, hangout with friends, play video games and watch movies.


What excites you about technology?


The tech industry is growing every day. No one knows what will come out today or tomorrow. That is what gets me excited.


Tell us about the latest tech topic that you are following?


Well, there are lots of topics which I am currently following. To name a few, I would say Apple iPhone 6, the recent celeb hacks, the growth of Indian smartphone market and many more.


Which is your most favourite gadget and why?


Currently it is Nexus 5. As most of the times when I am not sitting in front of my laptop then this is the device which makes my work done. It gets me connected to the world even when I am with my friends and above all it looks nice in hands.


Have you ever used a Power Bank, if yes then describe a situation where a Power Bank has helped you?


Ya!. with Nexus 5, which is quite disappointing when it comes to battery life. So, to make it always alive, I prefer to take a Power Bank with me.


Which are your favourite Top 5 gadgets and why?


My Phone , Nexus 5, as it keeps me updated.My Laptop as it helps me to do my job.PlayStation since it makes me happy when I am bored.My Camera helps me capture every beautiful moment I come across. And The Power bank, which helps my gadgets to run even when I am out of power supply.


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