Shivam Vahia had started his News-cum-blog MeetBB10 to express his love for the elegant brand Blackberry, which in the recent surge of Smart Phone brands seems to have been cornered though it still seems to pack in a powerful performance with its cool attributes and qwertiness. Do not miss out on this interview about Shivam who writes oodles about the brand that pioneered the QWERTY keypad designs on cell phones.


 What intrigued you to start blogging and since when have you been at it?

I've always been attracted to innovative and secure tech. I started blogging because I wanted to share my opinions and ideas with the world. I also personally love the brand BlackBerry, Hence started off by blogging about it.


Tell us about your blog, what it is about and what all topics do you cover in it?

My blog is MeetBB10 (Meet BlackBerry 10). It is a BlackBerry Tech focused blog, specially built for the BlackBerry Community. You'll find the latest News, Reviews, and Analysis on BlackBerry covering Devices, Enterprise Solutions, and QNX. Usually, I post a lot of 'India' centric articles, because I have local data easily available.


What are your other interests apart from blogging?

Apart from blogging, I love to develop websites (I'm a Web Developer), Listen to Music (Mostly EDM), Travel (Alone) and read lots and lots of books (Fiction).


 What excites you about technology?

The best part about technology is that there is no dead-end. Innovation is the synonym to Technology, and that's what I love the most. Everyday there's something new coming up that is further making our life easy and quick.


 Tell us about the latest tech topic that you are following?

It's Project Ara. It's Motorola's new concept about a modular mobile phone which can be assembled as per the users need. I strongly believe, that's what the future is. Something very similar to assembling a desktop. After a few years, you’ll get a personalised device with your own desired hardware. It's still in R&D phase but expected to launch in 2015.


Which is your most favourite gadget and why?

My favourite gadget is my Windows 8.1 powered Laptop. Even though today's Smartphones are a mobile computing device, they still lack a lot of crucial features. I spend an awful lot of time with it, whether it’s for work or play.


Have you ever used a Power Bank, if yes then describe a situation where a Power Bank has helped you?

I've used a power bank many times. I always carry around 2 phones and a tablet with me, and i have very high usage, Hence they drain out very quickly. So, when I'm not around my home and travelling for long periods, a power bank is my best friend. It keeps me connected OTG!


Which are your favourite Top 5 gadgets and why?

My favourite gadgets are:

1. BlackBerry Z30 – It's the perfect Smartphone for me. A productivity beast packed with large display and a mammoth battery. Built to keep me moving!

2. Suface 3 – It's my favourite because it's the best Windows in market bundled with amazing hardware and a very slim body.

3. HTC One M8 – I feel it's the best Android ever built. Packed with an awesome camera and loud boom sound speakers, it’s my entertaining mate.

4. Google Glass – It's the future. Very expensive at present, but worth buying.

5. Pebble Steel – Even though it's pretty old and there are better smart watches out there, I love this one because it is packed with an awesome battery life and software.