Bibek Saha started with a friend this August. Their initial Alexa rank started at 1 crore 20 lakhs and after 2 months and a half month approximately, their rank is about 3 lakhs 16 thousand worldwide. The blog speaks for itself; the amount of effort put is clearly visible.

Their aim is to make it a top technology blog in the world. In this short time, many of their articles have mentions on the best technology blogs in the world starting from GSMArena, FoneArena, Phone Arena, BGR India, Tech PP, NDTV Gadgets, etc.

Without further ado let us get to know about Bibek, through an interview conducted by our public relations team where he talks about his blog, what drove him to become a tech blogger and his other interests.


What intrigued you to start blogging and since when have you been at it?


I have been good at writing since school days, so I took up blogging a year back when a stranger liked my comments on a facebook page and contacted me. He wanted me to write for his blog. I started with & then left it after a few months. Recently, I started my own blog which is on August 8th, 2014.


Tell us about your blog, what it is about and what all topics do you cover in it?


Well, as the name (The Techolic) suggests, it is a tech bog to start with. We do intend to cover various topics, but me and my friend being a college student, have limited time. We do try to cover daily technology news from around the world. We write about mobile, accessories and app reviews as well as write special editorials on the mobile industry. Being just a 2 month old blog has we have managed to get three review units so far where one is from Gionee and another two are from Xiaomi. We would surely cover more topics in the near future.


What are your other interests apart from blogging?


I love playing games like FIFA online but ever since I started writing my blog, I hardly get time to play. I’m a big time foodie who loves everything to do with food and being from Kolkata where sweets are famous I absolutely gorge on them. I love to chill around with my friends but off late am not getting much time as I need to manage between my blogging and college life. I do enjoy sports and am a huge Manchester United fan.


What excites you about technology?


The best thing about technology is that it keeps evolving every day. You never know what devices will be launched tomorrow and in the end you’ll be blown away by the technology used in them. I’m personally happy about how SmartPhone cameras have evolved over time and now are even compared to some high end DSLRs. Also, I’m looking forward to 4K technology going mainstream in the next year or two.


Tell us about the latest tech topic that you are following?


I follow mostly all topics as I can’t get enough of it. Although, I’m bullish on the wearable segment. Looking forward to it being evolved over the next few years. I liked the Apple Watch which was unveiled on September 9 along with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. I also liked Apple Pay and what it intends to do. Let’s face it; nobody wants to carry those stupid cards around. So, hoping it gets launched soon in India.


Which is your most favourite gadget and why?


I took up interest in technology after I purchased the iMac 21.5-inch back in 2011. So, it will be my most favourite gadget. I also love my iPhone 5 which is also believed to be Steve Jobs’ last creation who is my idol. Recently, I’m deeply intrigued by Xiaomi who are providing great products at very low prices. I’m using the MI3 and I’m looking forward to buy the MI 3D 4K 49” TV when it launches in India next year.


Have you ever used a Power Bank, if yes then describe a situation where a Power Bank has helped you?


Yes, I have used a power bank in college when I had a long day. Also, used it on long car trips. Power banks are one of the most useful gadgets in the SmartPhone world now as battery backup on them aren’t that great. So these Powerbanks definitely help the devices to stay alive.


Which are your favourite Top 5 gadgets and why?


First in my list would be the recently launched iPhone 6 Plus mainly because of the display, camera and battery life. I have not used it in person yet but what I have seen on the internet has surely got me excited.

Number two would be the Macbook Air which is the best Ultrabook money can buy. I would also be getting it soon, so yeah it is stuck in my head now.

Third most favourite gadget would be an iPad Air which is also the best tablet in the world right now and has been replaced by iPad Air 2nd generation.

Fourth would be the Xbox 360 controller I use to play games, mostly FIFA and NFS.Last but not the least I like the Moto X simply because of the pure Android experience they provide.


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