Power Banks with their uninterrupted power supply have rapidly become one of the favourite accessories to many Smart Phone users. These snazzy gadgets are the next best thing after Smart Phones. Gone are the days when a switched off phone used to send the owners into a frenzy. Where many used to run around from shop to shop searching for plug points to charge their dead phones. This new found freedom with power banks is like a breath of fresh air and the best part about them is they do not take up much of space or time. Just charge it, pack it and you are ready to go. With innumerable power banks flooding the market, it becomes difficult to choose the appropriate one. Although consumers do not mind burning a hole in the pocket when buying Smart Phones, but they do have their reservations when it comes to power banks. To bring that decision to rest, we have sought out some of our best power banks under RS 2000 for you to consider.


Power bank EP: 02801

Ep 2802

This power bank is not only good looking but equally efficient. With its vibrant hue, it adds an extra edge to your image. This elegant gear with its 4 LED indicators, keeps you informed on the charge levels of the device. The power Capacity of 2800mAh charges your phone up to 1 to 2 times. With an impressive stand by time of 72hours this is definitely a go to gear when on the go.


Power Bank EP: 02602

Ep 2602

This stylish charger with its power capacity of 2600 mAh is ultra portable with it sleek design. It looks like a small torch which can fit in anywhere in your bag or pocket and when outdoors, it also lights up the path with its inbuilt LED torch. With its crazy colour collection you can easily choose teh one that suits your personality.


Power Bank EP: 02001

Ep 2001

This small yet powerful charger with its power capacity of 2000mAh is really a go to device for a Smart Phone which has a battery capacity less than 2000mAh. This appealing gadget comes with key ring and can charge all major brands of Smart Phone and Mp3 players.

Some of the significant features of a Ravin power bank are that they are compatible with almost all gadgets, from Mp3 players to tablets. They all have a 1 year warranty and can run for almost 500 cycles. Designed with an electric circuit protection and lithium polymer battery ensures quality and safety. So when you venture out to look for power banks look for none other than Ravin.


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