Power Banks are the next best thing after smart Phones, and their popularity is also associated to Smart Phones, which are rather infamous for battery drainage. These nifty creations with their portability have become every Smart Phone user’s favourite. Nowadays the use of Smart Phones is not restricted by age, and people from every age group are seen sporting some brand or the other. Since the main quality to pair a Power Bank with your Smart Phone depends on the latter’s usability quotient we can therefore clearly segregate power banks in different sections based on its usage. So we have come with some of our most vibrant collection that will seamlessly fit into the busy schedule of a teenager, who are discovering new roles beyond the mundane school and college timetable, either exploring the tech space, or getting into music, but on the whole are constantly discovering new things on their phone and of course internet.



Power Bank EP 6001


This stylish gear is clearly value for money with its qualities and looks. Loaded with an impressive battery capacity of 6000mAh it can charge your Smartphone up to 3 to 4 times at least. And its splendid qualities do not just end there; with an output equivalent to 1.5 amperes it will charge your phones with an impressive speed. It ensures safety of your expensive gadgets with its electronic circuit protection, that increases the shelf life of its batteries by preventing it from over discharge and protects the service life of your phone batteries by not over charging it. Accessorised with a micro usb, a lightning connector, a 30 pin usb connector, and alos an usb adapter, this is truly compatible with your Mp3 players, PSPs, and tablets. A Power Bank is thus an excellent gear to own for all those game freaks, music lovers and almost anybody who are always on the go.



Power Bank EP 2602


It might look delicate but it packs in a powerful punch. So for many of you who like adding vibrant streaks to life and also everything around you, will definitely relish the look of this power bank which comes in myriad hues. With a battery capacity of 2600mAh and an output equivalent to 1 Ampere, it comes loaded with quality and speed. A complete value for money it will charge your smart phone up to two times and though it only comes with a micro USB attachment, it is still compatible with mp3 players and tablets. Safeguards your expensive gears with its electronic circuit protection, it is designed with the best quality lithium polymer battery and also an emergency LED torch.



Power Bank EP 2001


With its bold looks and lively colours this is definitely a go to gear for equally spirited teenagers, who are always on the go from classes to band rehearsals to family get-togethers. Get a sleek and elegant device to keep you always connected with friends. Enjoy its battery capacity of 2000mAh and an output of 1 Ampere. Loaded with quality it can also charge a 1 Ampere output Smart Phone with good speed. Without further ado relish this sleek gear and be rest assured because it is designed with an electric circuit protection, which ensures your gadgets do not get overcharged.

Do let us know which of these three will be your choice for uninterrupted power supply.