Power Banks in general are meant to charge your mobile gadgets, but sometimes there are some that outshine the others with its distinguishing qualities. So here we are with the power bank of the month EP-6002.

Part of the Rave series this sleek and elegant device is not just all about looks. In fact the elongated pebble design adds quite a chic edge to the gear but at the same time its battery capacity of 6000mAh makes it an equally powerful gadget to have. The battery capacity can easily charge a Smart Phone up to 4 times and its electronic circuit protection safeguards your expensive phone from over charge and short circuit.


Rave: Ep 6002


Available in black and golden this attractive looking piece is one of the recent additions to the Ravin’s collection of Power Banks. The device comes loaded with all the latest connectors to support the new Smartphones floating in the market such as iPhone 6, 5, and 4, HTC, Samsung, and many other new brands.  

Also would like to reiterate that all the Ravin power banks are compatible with not only Smart Phones but also tablets and Mp3 players. We all know power banks provide power on the go to your expensive mobile gadgets, it is therefore absolutely imperative to invest in a device that comes with all the safety features to protect your gadgets from overcharging and over discharge of current.

So off you o and grab it before anyone else does, because you get hold of it you just can’t stop raving about it.