The winner of this month’s Power Bank is the super efficient and sleek designed EP-06001. We all know by now, that these stunning portable chargers are designed in a way that they are easy to carry around, most of the times while travelling, because that truly defines the purpose of the Power Bank. The compatibility of this portable charger is the same where it can be used to charge MP3 players, Tabs, and Smart Phones. This chic device wins the race this month with its exceptional features and modish design. If interested to know the details then read further.


Assurance is another word for good quality

Do not settle in for cheap power banks for your expensive phones. Source of energy should be unadulterated and of good quality and the power bank that comes with that assurance is a true companion in the long journey. EP-06001 with its 1 year warranty gives you that assurance.


It lights up your path when darkness falls

With a built in torch this snazzy portable charger can be used as a torch when required, it thus literally lights up when darkness falls and if you want poetic justice then it is also your only source to charge your drained Smart Phone batteries when on the go.


Enable dual charging

The dual USB port designed into the portable charger enables you to charge two devices at once.


Greater the power more the charging capacity

With an average conversion rate of 80%, the EP-06001 with a power capacity of 6000mAh can charge your average Smart Phones up to 5 to 6 times.


Ep 06001


The suite of connectors really makes it attractive

With its fancy string of connectors from micro Usb, Usb adapter, 30 pin USB connectors to lightning connectors makes it gadget friendly not only with Samsung, micromax, Nokia etc but also Apple phones and tabs.


It keeps you intimated with its charge levels

The LED indicators of EP-06001 informs you about the level of charge left in the Power Bank so that you can charge it accordingly before embarking on your trip, and even while on use it lets you know how much of the stored power has been utilised. This indication level makes it all the more user friendly.


Thus with all these attributes EP -06001 is an essential product of the Ravin family that is pure source of uninterrupted power for your Smart Phones and several other high end gadgets.