Sun has always been a good source of vitamin D for everyone, but little did we know that one could use its unlimited power to charge gadgets which were being charged all this while with electric power.Like many other companies Ravin Retail  has also ventured into the green space with its own list of solar chargers, and they share these following benefits.


Ecological: Needless to say, solar chargers which absorbs power from sun’s inexhaustible energy, is distinctly eco-friendly. It does not consume any electricity, its renewable source of energy is dependant only on Sun.

Reliable: A solar charger is reliable only because it gains power from Sun’s infinite energy which is always available.


solar charger sc 06001


Portable: These solar chargers are portable, so one can carry it around when travelling, going to work , and camping or trekking. Hence in a nutshell one can unambiguosly use it outdoors and otherwise as well, as long as there is Sun.

Electrical Independence: The dependence on Sun’s reliable energy enables the solar charger users  to break free from the credence of plugpoints, hence electricity.Because solar chargers work anywhere under the sun.


Solar Charger SC 018


Maximises battery life: The monocrystalline silicon solar panels generate natural D.C current, these steady D.C electrons which get transferred to your phone battery is what increases the shelf life of the battery because this stable flow of pure DC electrons prevents your battery from deep discharge and grid corrosion(which can be caused by heavy flow of power).

Phone is charged at all times: Irrespective of where you are, whether you are at home, at work or on vacation, you can charge the solar charger as long as there is Sun.


Solar Lantern SL 09


Save money on energy bills: One of the evident benefits of a solar charger is undoubtedly the fact that the user saves a lot on energy bills since it use the infinite energy of Sun, which is free and abundant.

Safe:Ravin Solar chargers are safe because even if they are charged through plug, there is no chance of electrocution and short circuit since it comes with protection circuit. And when one is charging it in the Sun then one obviously needn’t worry about electrocution or short circuit.


Solar Charger Sc 025


Easy to Use:It is inherently easy because all one has to do is place it in the Sun, and its silicon panels will store and convert it to electricity.

LED Indicator:Ravin solar chargers have a LED charging indicator which specify the power level.


Solar lantern SL 08


Thus with all these benefits we are sure you wouldn’t think twice before ordering your very own Ravin Solar Charger.