Swimming through innumerable career opportunities, students of this age are often juggling between college and extra classes to keep up with the ever increasing competition around them. At such times when every student has easy access to tablets and Smartphones, it only makes sense to have apps that not only aid in streamlining the day to day activities but also help with lecture notes, books and many more, so be Appy and study well.




Evernote app

Listed as top 10 must have apps by New York Times, this note taking application is simply the ultimate. It helps in jotting down all the important notes and also digitizes the paper notes; all you have to do is click a picture of any handwritten notes through the apps camera and the text on those notes become searchable. With an extension for every browser, Evernote is a truly versatile application.

Google Play books


 google play books

A must have app if you like a lighter backpack and want to save money on books. With a vast collection of books from all fields, the Google Play books lets you rent books for almost 180 days, so now if you have to refer to a book or read it on the go and still not shell out a major chunk of your pocket money , then this is an ideal app to have. Also available for IOS devices, this truly helps you with books that you will read only once for a term paper or for reference work and you also save paper in this process, so that’s ecological too.

Drop box



This ever-present app can be accessed with great ease through your Gmail id, with a 2 GB free space of cloud storage; you can save your notes and share it across your study group and is one of the easiest ways to sync data with your phone, tablet, laptops and desktops. Even if some of your study mates are not on drop box, they can still view the material once you share the link with them.

Mint personal finance


Mint Personal Finance app

One of the permanent worries that haunt a college student is an empty pocket, and this app comes as a breath of fresh air in that category. Want to know where all the money is disappearing, think no further download this app and keep a tab on all your expenses and find out where all the extra cash is getting spent. Take baby steps in financial planning with Mint personal finance.



Stay connected to the world around you with one of the best RSS aggregators, Feedly. Feed in your topic of choice and get notification of recent articles for that particular topic. This app loads fast and has a very clean interface to give the best reading experience to its users.




One of the biggest online library, look for any book under the sun and you will find it on Scribd. Arrange the books as it suits you and read them at your own free time with a free one month subscription for the first time users it is still an ultimate application with a collection of almost half a million e books and 30,000 audio books.



Studious App

With a chock a block schedule, do you often forget your homework deadlines or forget the subject of your next class, the for all the forgetful students out there this is a classic app that will keep you informed of your lectures, exam dates, homework deadlines and many more of such activities. All you need to do is fill in the information with dates and time and it will keep you notified.

If all these apps are draining your phone or tablet batteries faster than usual then all you need to get is a power bank, to keep them charged at all times to enjoy the gadgets without worrying too much about battery drainage, even when you are on the go.