The very essence of a Smart Phone is incomplete without an App. There are so many apps one can download these days. There are health and fitness apps, apps for music lovers, news and weather apps and also some Funny apps. Let’s face it everyone, what is life without a tinge of humour.

As Roger Moore would say “If you don't have humour, then you may as well nail the coffin lid down now.”

So let’s not put the coffin lid down yet and download these fun apps because Laughter is the best medicine.


Fart app.

Fart App


If you are a prankster and love goofing around simply download the Fart App and give it to your friend to open and enjoy the crazy fart noise made by the app and laugh your heart out while your friend goes red with shame.:)


Grenade bomb prank.

 Grenade bomb prank


Download this one and watch your family getting scared with the big bang sounds. Be careful not to try it in your not so favourite teacher’s class.


Real fake call.

 Real Fake Call


Stuck in a conversation with your frenemy, or with your not so favourite cousin, download this app and schedule a call or multiple calls and you can easily escape the situation.


Prank voice changer.

 Prank Voice changer


Alter your voice, and make funny, scary and amazing prank calls with this App and drive your friends crazy.


Mood detector.

 Mood detector apps


As the name suggests this App scans your thumb and translates them into mood icons, it might not be exact always but the icons are quite cute and humorous.


Lie detector.

 Lie Detector


This app is self explanatory, it simply scans your thumb and detects whether you’re saying the truth or lying. It may not be as funny as Robert de Niro interrogating Ben Sandler in Meet the Parents but it is quite fun nonetheless.


Ghost detector free radar.

 Ghost Detector


Like scaring your friends with ghost stories, then this app will be your new best friend, this app vibrates whenever there is a spirit near you and you can show it off to your friends and family and scare the hell out of them.


Face look changer.

 Face look changer


Twist and edit the faces of your friends and your not so favourite celebrities, share the tweaked images and the laughter with your friends.


Crack your screen prank.

 Crack your screen app


With this app fool your friends by making them believe that mishandle caused the screen to crack, you either need to shake, touch or could also put it on an auto crack timer.


X-ray Prank.

 X ray prank app


Though this prank does not actually provide a true X ray, it just projects what has been included in its software but is nonetheless a foolproof app to have some fun with friends by making them believe that your X-ray App can actually give an X-ray of your hands, all one needs to do is place it on ones hand roll it over and enjoy the image on screen.


Apps add colour to Smart Phones but they are also the reason why the battery gets drained so fast. Avoid this glitch by keeping them charged at all times with Ravin Power Banks, which work even when you are on the move. These portable chargers come in solar versions as well, so paint your life with these funny Apps without worrying about battery drainage.